Downtown Fullerton Wedding Venue & Lavenders Flowers

If you are looking for a great venue that does not break the budget, then check out Villa Del Sol located on Harbor Blvd. in Downtown Fullerton. The architecture has an awesome Spanish feel, with a courtyard in the center for a private and quaint ceremony and reception. The Villa does not feel like you are in Orange County when you are there, it feels like you have been swept away to another country. It is a unique wedding spot that is not too flashy so the wedding still feels about the couple and not the venue. If you are considering Rancho Las Lomas or antoher Spanish/mission style venue, but not sure if it is in your budget, then check out this venue before you book. The romantics and bridal party pics in downtown Fullerton are fun, urban, and romantic all at the same time. This venue creates a warm atmosphere and I love shooting here!  Conveniently, Lavender’s Flowers, Cafe Hidalgo, and Lolo Boutique are all a part of the Via Del Sol building. You can literally book the venue, walk over to Lavenders Flowers and book with Kelley, Cafe Hidalgo has great food for your catering, and Lolo’s Boutiques is such a cute place for getting ready’s. She provides champagne, snacks, and a great atmosphere for getting ready’s. Then call me and within one day you have planned almost your entire wedding! Check out my previous blog for pics of the entire wedding, in this I am just showing the venue and vendors mainly.  – Kelley w/ Lavender’s  – Downtown Fullerton Wedding Venue – Caterer for Villa Del Sol  – Lolo a Boutique – Getting Ready pictures and bridesmaids hang out!

     Back entrance of Villa Del Sol

  Front entrance of Lavender’s Flowers in Villa Del Sol building

   Next few photos of Lavender’s Flowers shop in downtown Fullerton

Great venue for getting ready’s and getting bride dressed, different feel then a hotel room. Loved it!

Great lighting and color for awesome cozy feeling, feels like you are at home. Lolo a Boutique offers champagne and snacks for the bridesmaids.

 Kelley with Lavenders Flowers does such a great job with most budgets!

 Kelley is inventive and creative, her work is always beautiful! I have done dozens of weddings with Lavender’s and she comes highly recommended by me!

  Wedding Ceremony inside the court yard of Villa Del Sol

This two story venue allows for great ceremony shots!

 Bride overlooking her wedding reception from the 2nd story of Villa Del Sol. Love the California behind her, really showcases the venue and a beautiful California wedding!

Cocktail Hour takes place on the 2nd story of Villa Del Sol, separating guests from the couple and allowing time to transform the ceremony space into reception.

    Reception in Courtyard of Villa Del Sol

Cafe Hidalgo restaurant is located in the Villa Del Sol building, conveniently providing yummy catering for your wedding! There food is REALLY good!

   Villa Del Sol is beautiful at night with hanging twinkle lights for a relaxed reception.

Kelly can dress up your wedding cake to match whatever theme you have!


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